About Us

Risarth Publishing, LLC is devoted to bringing to the American public books and shirts that reflect a liberal point of view and that highlight what's going on in our  government, and how people can cope with it and minimize their anxiety.

The first book we published, Ronald The Grump by Richard S. Arthurson, was a #1 Kindle eBook, was named The Best Self-Published Short Fiction eBook of 2016 by New Apple Literary, and was given a Bronze Medal By Readers Favorites in their  International Book Awards.

The beautifully-illustrated multiple-award-winning book is an adult fairy tale that is a parable to the 2016 presidential race, and it foretells most everything that is happening today since Trump became president.

Our line of Stay High Until We Say Goodbye t-shirts and sweatshirts are meant to make a statement in a humorous manner, while at the same time giving advice on how to deal with the stress that is being created by the horrible things going on in our government today.

We encourage people to be involved and stay active to fight for the ideals they believe in, but at the same time we know that people need a way to ease their stress. And that is what our shirts are about.

PLUS, a portion of every sale from these shirts will be donated to non-profits & other organizations that support liberal causes and candidates!

Whether you get high on weed, drink (please don't so either to excess to the point where it negatively affects you) or music, art, nature,life or anything else, make your statement with our shirts.


Note: These shirts are copyrighted. ©2017 Risarth Publishing, LLC, All Rights Reserved. The unauthorized duplication, copying or any other use of the slogan and shirts is prohibited by law.